Aug 29, 2016

August 29 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1632 - John Locke, Philosopher
1809 - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Physician, Educator and Author, famous for The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
1915 - Ingrid Bergman, Actress
1936 - John McCain, U.S. Senator
1938 - Elliott Gould, Actor
1939 - Joel Schumacher, Film Director
1958 - Michael Jackson, Singer


U.S. Senator John McCain

Historical Events

1831 - Scientist Michael Faraday, in one of his famous and significant experiments, demonstrates the production of electricity from an induction ring. He also discovered that a copper disc rotating between the poles of a horseshoe magnet could produce a current on wires through the disc, leading to the first electrical transformer and the first electric motor. 

1885 - The world's first motorcycle, invented by German Gottlieb Daimler, is patented. 

Aug 28, 2016

August 28 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1749 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Writer
1916 - Jack Vance, Author
1969 - Jason Priestley, Actor


Actor Jason Priestley
Writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Historical Events

1850 - Richard Wagner's opera Lohengrin is first performed, in Weimar. Franz Liszt conducting.

1963 - U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. leads the March on Washington where he gives his famous "I have a dream" speech to more than 250,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial.The Washington March for Jobs and Freedom at the time was the largest political demonstration in American history.

Aug 27, 2016

August 27 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1886 - Eric Coates, English Composer and Violist.
1908 - Don Bradman, Cricketer
1908 - Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th U.S. President
1910 - Mother Teresa, Humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
1976 - Carlos Moya, Tennis Player

Historical Events

1813 - Napoleon Bonaparte beats the 150,000-strong combined Austrian, Prussian, and Russian forces at the Battle of Dresden. He has with him 100,000 men.

1849 - Writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe joins the Sons of Temperance, a brotherhood of men who promoted the temperance movement and mutual support. The group was founded in 1842 in New York City. It began spreading rapidly during the 1840s throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

Aug 26, 2016

August 26 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1898 - Peggy Guggenheim, Art Collector
1914 - Julio Cortazar, Belgian-born Argentinian Writer.
1980 - Macauley Culkin, Actor

Historical Events

1346 - The Battle of Crecy takes place. It is one of the most important battles of the Hundred Years' War. Twelve thousand men under Edward III and his son (the Black Prince), take on the French. The English longbow triumphs.

1498 - Pope Alexander VI commissions Michelangelo, aged 23, to carve the Pieta for St. Peter's Basilica, Rome.     

1846 - Felix Mendelssohn's oratorio Elijah is first performed, in Birmingham, England.

Aug 25, 2016

August 25 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1836 - Bret Harte, Short Story Writer and Poet
1918 - Leonard Bernstein, Composer
1930 - Sir Sean Connery, Actor
1938 - Frederick Forsyth, Author
1949 - Martin Amis, Author
1949 - Gene Simmons, Musician (KISS)
1954 - Elvis Costello, Musician
1958 - Tim Burton, Film Director
1970 - Claudia Schiffer, Model


None known

Historical Events

1609 - Galileo Galilei presents his invention, the telescope, to the Venetian Senate.

1718 - French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier founds New Orleans, Louisiana.