June 1 Dateline

Historical Events

1831 - James Clark Ross discovers the position of the North magnetic Pole, on the Boothia Peninsula.

1943 - Actor Leslie Howard, of Gone with the Wind and Brief Encounter films, is killed when a civilian flight from Lisbon to London is shot down by the Germans during World War II.

1958 - Charles de Gaulle is brought out of retirement to lead France by decree for six months in a time of national crisis. He holds office for 10 years.  

May 31 Dateline

Historical Events

1279 B.C. - Ramesses II ascends the Egyptian throne and reigns as pharaoh for sixty-seven years.

1859 - The "Big Ben," the bell of the Great Clock at Westminster, rings for the first time across London. The bell was cast in Whitechapel and transported to its new home by teams of horses.  

1879 - The first electric railway opens at the Berlin Trades Exposition.

May 30 Dateline

1431 - Joan of Arc is burned at the stake in Rouen, France. Her ashes is thrown into the Seine by the English so no relics could be taken. This was the time called The Hundred Years War, when France was at war against England.   

1967 - Evil Knievel successfully jumps over a line of 16 cars on his motorcycle at the Ascot Speedway in California.

1968 - The University of Leipzig's gothic church, after surviving World War II, is blown up by East German dictataor Walter Ulbricht.

May 29 Dateline

Historical Events

1453 - Constantinople falls to Muhannad II, ending the Byzantine Empire.

1919 - Charles Strite patents a pop-up toaster.

1953 - Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tensing Norgay of Nepal become first people to conquer Mt. Everest. 

May 28 Dateline

Historical Events

1533 - Archbishop Thomas Cranmer proclaimed the validity of the marriage of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn.

1961 - Amnesty international is founded by Peter Benenson.  

1971 - U.S. President Richard Nixon orders John Haldeman to do more wire-tapping and political espionage against the Democrats. The orders are recorde on tape.